My GTR’s Post Auction Review Video

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Buying a car through an exporter in Japan is a fun experience. It can be scary too. But I felt very comfortable working with the importer I did. He also does these post auction car reviews for his customers, as well as sending about 80+ pictures of all different angles showing the condition of the car. To find out how to import a car from Japan using the exporter I did, check out my blog entry *here – entry yet to come*. Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel here and like my Facebook page here or use the buttons under the follow me section for the links!


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  1. Hey where are you from? I’m in Philly – just won the auction bidding on a black 1990 R32 GTR. I hope to have my car here in November. (Its a 11/1990 mfg date). Anyway, awesome car!

    • Hey thank you for the comment Andrew! I’m from Virginia. Mine has a mfg date of 7/1990. After winning the auction it will take 1.5 – 2 months to get here. The wait is a doozy! Congrats on your car!

  2. Quick question, with regard to the 25 year rule. My car turns 25 years old on Nov 1 2015.

    Does this mean it needs to be Nov 1 for my car to leave the port in Japan, or Nov 1 when the car arrives in Baltimore? I asked around and cant seem to get an answer. Thanks for any help


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